Don't base your project on someone else's project...

Video Productions that tell your story

Info, linkedin, Technology, Video Apr 19, 2010 Comments Off on Video Productions that tell your story

I’ve been telling clients’ stories for well over twenty years, and I’ve come to appreciate that it’s not the amount of time you should take to tell your story that’s important, but the amount of time it must┬átake, based on your content and message. While this sounds like a fine distinction, it’s a very important part of planning your project. Don’t get caught up in planning your project based on what someone else did. The story you tell will determine whether someone listens, or clicks away.

Many first-time clients come to me saying “We need a five minute video that tells customers who we are and what we do.” This statement sounds fine on the surface, but any production that is content based will end up being timed out for the content which must be there to adequately and effectively tell the story. Yes, it might end up being five minutes long, but it also could be two minutes long, or ten minutes long based on the content that’s critical to get the point across. It’s fine to use someone else’s production as a stylistic model, but never let it dictate how you tell your story.

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