Accomplished Motion Graphics Artist, proficient with After Effects, Combustion, 3D Studio Max, and other animation tools

Motion Graphics

A large part of any video project, aside from the footage, is the graphics that support that footage. Some of the productions I create are entirely without footage, relying on Motion Graphics and Software Screen Capture to tell my clients’ stories. Some are combinations of stock footage and animations, which saves a lot of money on location shooting costs. I enjoy brainstorming with my clients – no one works well in a vacuum – and I love to work on projects which are a bit outside of my realm of experience. By working closely with your content expert, I can bring my creativity to the project, while making sure that the final outcome is what you envisioned. Some of my Motion Graphics capabilities are listed below – it is by no means a complete list…


  • Monitor Loops for Trade Shows
  • Animated Maps and Stills
  • Animated Technical Illustrations
  • Full Broadcast Design Packages
  • Digital Signage
  • Transitional Elements
  • 3D Logo Animations
  • Credits

Special Effects

  • Rotoscoping
  • Chroma-Keying
  • Motion-Tracking
  • Color-Correction
  • Particle and Lighting Effects
  • Advanced Compositing