Thirty years of video production experience means your production budget will go further, and your message will be on target.

Video Production

I produce all of my video projects in high definition (unless 2K or 4K is required), which means that your production is “future-proofed”. The master copy will be ready for any delivery system, now, or in the future. I am currently producing projects for television, web delivery, and smart devices. Camera and lensing choices are based upon the details and scope of your project, so rather than offer a list of cameras and equipment I might use, I prefer to build the specific equipment into the quote once I know your delivery needs. This will save you money, since many projects can be shot with a high definition DSLR, and still maintain high production values.

As a Writer/Producer/Motion Graphics Artist/Editor I can take your entire project from the planning stage right through final delivery, and you only need deal with one source. From a continuity standpoint, this means that I will supervise your image through the whole process, which will ensure that your message is right on the mark!

Here’s a link to a PDF article to help you get up and running in video, if you’re new to the medium.

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