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Is Stock Art a Good Thing?

Animation, Info, Technology, Video Jun 08, 2015 Comments Off on Is Stock Art a Good Thing?

You spend a lot of money creating an image for your business. You spend a lot of time making sure that image stays consistent. You’d never consider purposefully cheapening that image by taking shortcuts just to save money, but it’s tempting; especially when you’re confronted with the potentially high cost of having custom art created. Clipart, stock photography, stock video and music, even complete templates for websites, commercials, animated graphics, and other media, have opened up a new world of creativity in which the marketing department can often times become the creative department. Think of the savings! Read more »

Music – afterthought or essential element?

Animation, Info, linkedin, Uncategorized, Video Jan 06, 2014 Comments Off on Music – afterthought or essential element?


I’ve been writing, producing, and creating informational video productions for many years. In almost every production I’ve done, music has been one of my first considerations, and it has almost never been brought up by the client until I have mentioned it.

Music, in most cases, is essential to establishing the pace of the edit, creating a mood, smoothing out transitions, and adding to the impact of the overall presentation. It tells the viewer how to feel. It is not something which should just be slapped on after the editing is done; it should be a carefully considered part of any video production.
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Video Productions that tell your story

Info, linkedin, Technology, Video Apr 19, 2010 Comments Off on Video Productions that tell your story

I’ve been telling clients’ stories for well over twenty years, and I’ve come to appreciate that it’s not the amount of time you should take to tell your story that’s important, but the amount of time it must┬átake, based on your content and message. While this sounds like a fine distinction, it’s a very important part of planning your project. Don’t get caught up in planning your project based on what someone else did. The story you tell will determine whether someone listens, or clicks away. Read more »