I’m Joseph W. Bourke, Owner of Bourke Media. My thirty plus years experience in advertising and television production as Art Director, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, Writer, and Television Producer/Director gives you the advantage of dealing with a seasoned professional. If you’re just considering electronic media production, or are at the Request for Proposal stage, I invite you to get in touch. I help companies get their message across, increase customer support efficiency, and help develop new markets through carefully crafted productions.

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Motion Graphics

A large part of any video project, aside from the footage, is the graphics that support that footage. Some of the productions I create are entirely without footage, relying on Motion Graphics and Software Screen Capture to tell my clients’ stories. Some are combinations of stock footage and animations, which saves a lot of money on location shooting costs. I enjoy brainstorming with my clients – no one works well in a vacuum – and I love to work on projects which are a bit outside of my realm of experience. By working closely with your content expert, I can bring my creativity to the project, while making sure that the final outcome is what you envisioned. Some of my Motion Graphics capabilities are listed below – it is by no means a complete list…

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Video Production

I produce all of my video projects in high definition (unless 2K or 4K is required), which means that your production is “future-proofed”. The master copy will be ready for any delivery system, now, or in the future. I am currently producing projects for television, web delivery, and smart devices. Camera and lensing choices are based upon the details and scope of your project, so rather than offer a list of cameras and equipment I might use, I prefer to build the specific equipment into the quote once I know your delivery needs. This will save you money, since many projects can be shot with a high definition DSLR, and still maintain high production values.

As a Writer/Producer/Motion Graphics Artist/Editor I can take your entire project from the planning stage right through final delivery, and you only need deal with one source. From a continuity standpoint, this means that I will supervise your image through the whole process, which will ensure that your message is right on the mark!

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Digital Photography

My experience in photography goes back to the days of the darkroom, and I’m comfortable shooting people, products, events, still or moving, and creating a picture which tells a story.

As Art Director at WMUR-TV I was also Staff Photographer, and responsible for shooting all on-air talent for use in large format lightboxes (Duratrans), web page bios, and other media. I was also photographer for many high-profile events in New Hampshire, including the ABC/WMUR/Facebook Debates, and the CNN Presidential Debates, that our corporate owner, Hearst had me shoot for PR purposes.

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Article on Managing Broadcast Assets

Your recent article appeared in one of our most popular editions ever – as evidenced by the fact that we have almost NONE left in our inventory. We thank you so much for your participation in the Creative COW Magazine, your great story, and just for being a member of the herd.

Nora Williams, Assistant to Timothy Wilson, CreativeCOW.net
Tetra Tech ARD Animation Project

JUST GOT IT AND IT’S BEAUUUUUUTIFUL!!! Really, the whole team is delighted. Your result is definitely worth your hard work!

We had indeed an excellent collaboration. The work was exhausting but the quality of the final product is great. Now it’s just about a couple of final edits, the first VIP screening on May 16 with the President and four of his ministers, and on May 23 I’ll be in Vermont with a couple of DVD copies and send you one. I’ll keep you informed on the development of the film.

Sébastien Pennes, Chief of Party (Central African Republic) at Tetra Tech ARD
High Quality Workmanship

…your professional, high quality workmanship has markedly resulted in success for us.

- N.H. Fish and Game Department
We’re getting fewer repetitive Tech Support calls because of the video

We knew that it was a good idea to create a production that addressed the most common tech support issues. We just didn’t know it would be so effective!

Norm Carlson
Always on Time.

Joe was always on time with his elements for any project. He understood the vision and accomplished the work that was needed to get any job done. His sense of visual textures added depth to any project we worked on.

Bret Upham, Instructor at the New England Institute of Art