I like to make things simple for my clients...

Just push play…

My specialty is delivering complex projects from start to finish. If you have a concept and don’t know where to start, I can lead you in the right direction.

Complete video productions for the big screen at a trade show, or the small screen of a handheld device…I can make it easy for you.

Graphic Design for the Future

To the graphic designer and animator, this is either an exciting time, or one of sheer panic. We have to stay up on the latest tools, and make sure that our clients can get their message anywhere it needs to go, from a Computer on a desktop in Fresno, to an Android Tablet in Singapore. I stay ahead of where the industry is going so that my clients get the best possible production with quick turnaround – and it’s compatible with any playback system.

I can help with the creative concept of your production if you’re at the beginning of the process, or collaborate with your creative or marketing department to ensure that everything you need to say gets said with the greatest possible impact.

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  • Portfolio – A wide array of projects I’ve worked on
  • About – I’ve got the experience to make your project a success

Graphics & Animation

I offer both 2D and 3D Animation, as well as 2.5D animation – I’ll be explaining that in an upcoming Blog post.

Need more? I offer full scripting services as well as creative concept if you’re just in the planning stages. And I can make everything work together with a distribution plan that will get your message everywhere.

  1. Home – From graphics to special effects, audio to video and more
  2. Portfolio – A sampling of my work, motion graphics, 3D animation, and more…
  3. About – I’ve been a writer/producer/motion graphics designer for many years

Audio for Video

In many video productions, the audio is just an afterthought. “Just throw some music on it – I like easy listening…”. Well when you think about it, the audio is much more important than you might think. It not only is part of the message, but it can derail your visual message by competing with it. I plan the audio, both the voice over and music, early on in the process, so that every project ends up with a strong message, both visual and auditory.

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and Audio for Video.

If your message isn’t getting across, maybe you just need to change your delivery system.