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Adobe Creative Suite 6

Info, linkedin, Software, Technology Jun 02, 2012 Comments Off on Adobe Creative Suite 6

Well, it’s here – I went from an upgrade to the Master Collection CS5.5, in order to qualify for a free upgrade to the Master Collection CS6. It worked perfectly, although I’ve seen some irate people bashing Adobe because their email qualifying them for the upgrade did not arrive. I generally find that if I have a problem with Adobe software, I can just call their support number, get through quickly, and usually have an answer in a matter of minutes. I guess your result may vary, as usual. Read more »

Who’s Looking Over Your Shoulder?

linkedin, Software, Technology Apr 03, 2012 Comments Off on Who’s Looking Over Your Shoulder?

Now don’t take me for a paranoid, but every time I log on to the Web I get a sneaking suspicion that someone is looking over my shoulder. In reality, there’s no one behind me – they’re all in that box on my desk in front of me; it gives me access to the world, and them access to me.

The second you click on that URL, and choose something of interest, the data is sent to several different companies, all bent on figuring out what you want, then tailoring advertising targeted at what they think you want. There are over a hundred companies working on various phases of making you the target, some household names (Microsoft and Google, for example), and some you’ve never heard of.

If you’ve ever noticed the websites you go to circling for the kill with surprising accuracy, you’ll want to read this article from a recent Atlantic. It’s a chilling view of who’s mining your data, and why the “Opt-out” process doesn’t opt us out of being tracked. And we’re only getting started…

Photoshop CS6 Beta released – powerful new features

linkedin, Software, Technology Mar 22, 2012 Comments Off on Photoshop CS6 Beta released – powerful new features

So Photoshop CS5 and 5.5 had some video editing features; I never used them, since I mostly work in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Video in PS was an afterthought to me. So now along comes CS6, and both the  Extended and Standard editions will have video editing capabilities, the best part of which just might be Photoshop’s filter set. Yes…there are a few transitions available, and adjustment layers, and keyframing, and multiple tracks (with the magnetic timeline – you listening, Apple?), standard video editing toolset – hey! This is sounding pretty good – especially to photographers who are now using their DSLRs as the powerful video tools they’ve become. Read more »

Making still images talk

Animation, Info, linkedin, Software, Technology Nov 21, 2011 Comments Off on Making still images talk

I’ve been working on some new/old technologies lately, and if you take a look at this video, you’ll see a magician from the 1930’s who has something to say. The beauty of this technology, once you see what it does, is that what’s going on under the hood is simple to do. I’ve taken a still image (an historical poster which is in the public domain), done a bit of Photoshop work with it, and then simply supplied a voice track (in this case, a Velveeta radio ad from the 1940’s), and technology does the rest. Read more »

More on Adobe Bridge and why it can make your life easy

Books, Info, Technology, Uncategorized Oct 10, 2011 Comments Off on More on Adobe Bridge and why it can make your life easy

I just had an article published in Creative Cow Magazine, entitled Managing Broadcast Assets with Adobe Bridge. I wrote the article, in part, because there are many Creative Suite users who aren’t aware of Bridge, and in part because it will give existing Adobe Creative Suite users an insight into how they can manage thousands of files (whether they are broadcast assets or not) in a relatively painless way. Read more »

Adobe Bridge problem solved! Almost…

Info, linkedin, Software, Technology Sep 07, 2011 Comments Off on Adobe Bridge problem solved! Almost…

Two years ago, I sent a question to the Adobe Bridge forum about a problem I was having. Not all files created by Adobe products (.aep, .mov, .psd, and others) would accept XMP metadata. Now, as an animator, and television producer,  I have thousands of files, most of them coming from the Creative Suite, and I live or die on my ability to keep track of client revisions, my own revisions, and other details in fairly complex projects. Read more »

Why Won’t My Blackberry/iPhone/Quantum Die?

Books, linkedin, Technology Aug 24, 2011 Comments Off on Why Won’t My Blackberry/iPhone/Quantum Die?

I’ve often wondered if it’s just me when I suddenly start wondering, in a positive way, whether the fact that my Blackberry is heating up signals that I’m about to be in the market for a new smart phone. Apparently I’m not alone. This month’s Atlantic has a great article called Replacement Therapy which describes that nagging hope that a device will soon die:

Replacement Therapy

Adobe Creative Suite – to buy or rent?

Animation, linkedin, Software, Technology Aug 13, 2011 Comments Off on Adobe Creative Suite – to buy or rent?

In the realm of “It’s a New World”, who would have thought the day would come when you could subscribe to Adobe software? Sure, it’s always been kind of that case with software that has a licensing dongle, such as in the CAD and 3D worlds, and my license of 3D Studio Max 2011 does offer a subscription that adds some very useful bells and whistles, albeit at a price too steep for my wallet. Read more »

FCPX to Adobe Creative Suite

linkedin, Uncategorized Jun 26, 2011 Comments Off on FCPX to Adobe Creative Suite

For those of you about to jump, I salute you. Here’s a very good link to Adobe TV that will give you a fast start:


And here’s a link to the Adobe shortcut set to make Premiere work with FCP shortcuts:


Final Cut Pro – Is It Final?

Info, linkedin, Software, Technology Jun 26, 2011 Comments Off on Final Cut Pro – Is It Final?

Final Cut Final Box

Let me start out by stating that I’ve never used FCP. I’ve edited (as a motion graphics designer) on A/B roll systems, Discreet Logic Edit* (so I know the pain of EOL announcements), AVID, and Premiere Pro CS5. I would never do an upgrade – especially when I’m in the middle of a project, so the worldwide outcry by the professional editing community has me a bit puzzled. Yes…I know Apple pulled a fast one, especially when you look at their pre-release announcements and hints as to what was coming. Read more »