Photoshop CS6 Beta released – powerful new features

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So Photoshop CS5 and 5.5 had some video editing features; I never used them, since I mostly work in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Video in PS was an afterthought to me. So now along comes CS6, and both the  Extended and Standard editions will have video editing capabilities, the best part of which just might be Photoshop’s filter set. Yes…there are a few transitions available, and adjustment layers, and keyframing, and multiple tracks (with the magnetic timeline – you listening, Apple?), standard video editing toolset – hey! This is sounding pretty good – especially to photographers who are now using their DSLRs as the powerful video tools they’ve become.

When you save an edited video in PS CS6, it saves a PSD file, but it’s easy to export videos in several of the standard pixel aspect ratios and codecs.

But that’s not all. They’ve rewritten the Camera Raw process, simplified the User Interface, sped up performance, added a Content Aware Move that’s nothing short of black magic, made the paint brushes even closer to real paint media, added more content-aware capabilities, and the list goes on. For a look at some of the features I’m talking about, go right to the source:

Better yet, if you want to test drive the Beta yourself, go to:

It’s been two years in the making, but it looks as if it’s been worth the wait! And of course it’s 64-bit. Now I can’t wait to see what’s coming with Premiere Pro CS6!

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