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As Art Director at WMUR-TV, I was also Staff Photographer, and responsible for shooting all on-air talent for use in large format lightboxes (Duratrans), web page bios, and other media. I was also photographer for all high-profile events in New Hampshire that our corporate owner, Hearst, wanted covered for their annual report. As a result of that need, I shot many presidential candidates as they came through NH, covered all of the co-sponsored debates involving CNN, ABC News, and Fox, and gained full access as photographer to all of the Presidential Debates from 1996 through 2008.

I can shoot “run and gun” style, if you need event documentation, or on a project that doesn’t have the budget for studio photography. I also shoot studio and industrial photography, using strobes, LED lighting, or tungsten. I have a great deal of experience shooting people for use in large format lightboxes, and can give you the highest quality files, large enough for a billboard!

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