Broadcast Design Graphics Packages

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I created the news graphics package which is currently being used on WMUR-TV, as well as the graphics package for New Hampshire Chronicle, a daily, half-hour news format show which airs on WMUR. I create opens, closes, bumps, rejoins, promos, lower-third graphics, and any number of other broadcast elements, all fully animated. Stills are great for the printed page or the local cable station, but what makes television so riveting is sound, motion, and color.

I recently finished a broadcast design project for a hyper-local channel, creating a graphics package for their News Hour, which gives them a major market look. I’ll be posting it in my video gallery soon.

In addition to the broadcast graphics packages I create, I can also design and create additional elements for set monitors, such as endless video loops, logo animations, and other elements which add to the visual impact of your production or set design.

When I create an on-air look, I also include a toolkit on DVD, or delivered via Dropbox, which contains all of the critical elements that your graphics department (if you have one) would need to recreate and update the package. This could include, but is not limited to, After Effects projects, keyable animations, keyable titles, and donut elements, which allow you to update the package without spending more money.

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