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Delivery Options that get your message seen

Info, linkedin, Technology Feb 19, 2010 Comments Off on Delivery Options that get your message seen

I spent a large part of my career in Broadcast and Cable Television. The delivery options were clear and simple, and it didn’t take much to find your audience…they were hard-wired into the system. You created your programming or spot, figured out your demographic, picked a timeslot, and boom – you were there. A little fine-tuning and you knew your message was being heard.

Today, the ground is shifting beneath us. Today’s cutting edge is tomorrow’s museum piece, and the changes are coming faster than ever before. Flash, HTML5, Android…you have to be everywhere your potential clients are, and I can create media that will reach them. On an IPad in Singapore, or an Android in Kansas City.

The one thing I would tell any potential client is to create your project, whether it’s a marketing video, training video, or for internal distribution, at the highest resolution you can. By doing this, you future proof your project, ensuring that it can be used for any purpose, from the big screen, to the smart device.

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