I've been a photographer since film was the only medium...

Digital Photography

My experience in photography goes back to the days of the darkroom, and I’m comfortable shooting people, products, events, still or moving, and creating a picture which tells a story.

As Art Director at WMUR-TV I was also Staff Photographer, and responsible for shooting all on-air talent for use in large format lightboxes (Duratrans), web page bios, and other media. I was also photographer for many high-profile events in New Hampshire, including the ABC/WMUR/Facebook Debates, and the CNN Presidential Debates, that our corporate owner, Hearst had me shoot for PR purposes. As a result of that need, I shot many presidential candidates as they came through NH, covered all of the co-sponsored debates involving CNN, ABC News, and Fox, and gained full access as photographer to all of the Presidential Debates from 1996 through 2008.

I can shoot “run and gun” style, if you need event documentation, or if you have a project that needs professional shooting, but doesn’t have the budget for studio photography. I can also shoot studio and industrial photography, using strobes, LED, or tungsten lighting. I have a great deal of experience shooting for large format light boxes, and can give you the highest quality files, large enough to cover the side of a building! My skills as a graphic artist also extend to photo retouching, and I can literally take a bad facial expression out of a group photo, and replace it with a better one from a different shot.