Motion Graphics

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As Art Director at a Broadcast Television facility for fourteen years, I was in charge of a staff of graphic artists, in addition to being Senior Motion Graphics Artist and Staff Photographer. My job entailed daily creation of animations, logo designs and signage, large format lightboxes, News and Programming elements, andĀ full graphics packages for programming. I also did quite a bit of special effects work on high-end Promotions projects. I am very experienced with all the graphics packages which are part of the Adobe Creative Suite, plus specialized software packages such as 3D Studio Max, Combustion, and Camtasia, and TerraGen.

I can create a production for you and deliver it in numerous viewing formats, from broadcast television to DVDs for playback on trade show monitors, to the web, tablets, and smart phones. The more places your image can be seen, the more impact your message has. Make sure your message is seen by the maximum number of people in the widest number of venues. If you want to see my capabilities go to my Video Gallery.

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