Interactive DVDs can put your audience in your pocket!

Interactive DVD & Flash

We create interactive DVDs which can include video productions, slide shows, data files (pdfs work especially well), and other rich media, putting your entire library on one DVD. This can then be distributed to clients, sales staff, potential customers, you name it!

Flash has become an integral part of getting your message across, and through interactive elements on both Websites and DVDs, carefully planned so as to lead the viewer through a complex process, or to the digital point of sale, you can make the process easy on the user. It takes some up front time planning the flow of information, and it’s never a good idea just to throw eye candy on the page to attract the viewer.

My experience in presenting complex processes in a clear and understandable way will make the process of creating interactive media which works, easier on you.

The Flash file below is an example of the type of interactive module I can create – maps, product overviews, tests and quizzes, process diagrams, or interactive training materials. I can do them all in Flash – and Flash comes deployed on well over ninety percent of computers. So you don’t have to worry about your content being blocked.

Interactive DVD Fact Sheet